Pumps & Filters

Pond pumps

Pumps and filters for your pond

Not only do pond filtration systems keep your water sparkling and clean, they are a key feature for maintaining the health of aquatic life.
Pond pumps for sale

Pond pumps

•   Solids-Handling Filter-style Pumps
•   Waterfall Pumps
•   Fountain Pumps
•   Submersible Pumps
•   Surface Pumps
•   Hoses, fittings and spares

Claremont Aquatic Nurseries have an extensive range of pump and filter combinations available. The team are always on hand to help you decide upon the best.

For advice and information on pond filters call 01772 421 860

Pond filters

•   Pressurised filters
•   Gravity outlet filters
•   Multi-bay filters
•   In-pond filters                
•   Many sizes and types of UVCs
•   Cables and switch boxes
•   Spare parts
•   Hose and fittings
•   Rigid pipework and fittings
•   Pond vacs
Pond filters
Add the finishing touches to your pond with fountains, pond lighting and more. Our experienced staff will help you pick out the pond plants that will best complement your design.
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